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But he WAS the bad guy. He tried to kill Fury and Steve and only because some of you want him to be best bros with Steve again doesn't make him the good guy.


Did you really just … okay, lemme tell you a thing, punk: You just came to the wrong neighbourhood with that shit.

First of all, this kind of thing can only come from someone, who is too ignorant to grasp the whole concept of the character of The Winter Soldier. This has nothing to do with having read the comics or not, because even in the film, it was made quite clear, that Bucky is not acting out of his own free will.

I’m going to give you a very quick rundown of James ‘Bucky’ Buchanan Barnes, shall I? When he was found by HYDRA/the Soviets (depending on if we are talking about MCU or 616) he had lost his memory from the fall he took/the explosion, that ripped off his arm. He suffered bloodloss and traumatizing injuries and was frozen in ice on top of it. 

When that was discovered, Department X thought, that it would be a totally swell idea to take that American soldier, who had fought alongside Captain America and make him into a symbol of everything, that Captain America fought against. 

Bucky was systematically indoctrinated and brainwashed under sensory deprivation. They literally took the pieces of his fractured mind and put him back together as a bastardisation of the man he was before.

You remember that scene in the film, where Pierce demands to “wipe him again”? Yeah, that was because Bucky was starting to have doubts. Because the ‘true’ Bucky Barnes started to resurface again. That had happened a good many times over the years the Winter Soldier was in use. I say ‘in use’ quite deliberately, because he wasn’t a person for them. They didn’t give him a name or an identity. They referred to him as “The American” or “Codename: Winter Soldier”. He was kept like a weapon, not like an actual person.

This continuous brainwashing and memory alteration systematically stripped him of his humanity, until he is that walking, talking thing, this dangerous killing machine we see in the film. But is he acting as the villain?

Come on, punk, say it. Make my day!

Because I will so gladly prove you wrong, when you say “Yes!”. 

A villain is someone, who willingly commits villainous acts. A villain is NOT someone, who is forced to do bad against his free will. Because Bucky has none anymore. They took that away from him.

He is the tool, not the perpetrator!

The villains are those, who point that weapon in the shape of a man and pull the trigger with their orders. HYDRA, Pierce, Department X, Red Skull, they are the villains.

Want more evidence? How about Bucky saying, on multiple accounts and in different words, that he wants to be dead. That Steve should have killed him and that he would have put a bullet in his head, if it wasn’t for Natasha giving him a reason to go on? Because the knowledge of what he’s done during his days as the Winter Soldier sicken him. To a point, where he wakes up screaming and throwing up, because the ‘villainous’ acts he commited are so terrible to him.

Or how about, that he spends the rest of his life trying to make up for it? He risks life and limb (pun not intended) to make up for everything he has done during a time, when he was not even aware of himself!

He is NOT a villain. He is the victim of abuse, torture and brainwashing, who was made to commit heinous acts, that go against his very nature!

    I’m watching The Forsyte Saga

“Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves in something together?  Yes please.”

        Check-in to
    The Forsyte Saga on tvtag

I’m watching The Forsyte Saga

“Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves in something together? Yes please.”

Check-in to The Forsyte Saga on tvtag

So what’s new with me or something…

Hey so I’m still alive I guess, and all that. I’ve been around, just spending a lot, A LOT of time on my RP account.  But you know, it’s safer than drugs or alcohol. Can think of worse vices, besides it’s helping me with my writing.  I’m having insane amounts of fun. 

Today was movie day. Saw Winter Soldier. It was really awesome. (and I snagged a movie poster!) I also got my hair cut. And am excited that the first piece of my Banshee cosplay has arrived! (puts under the cut)

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Too late. I already bought him a new video game and a pony. His bed time is never.

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co-pilots: james buchanan “bucky” barnes and steve rogers. 

jaeger name: howling commando.

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in which Aden has a moment where they think they’re cool

The advantage I’ve found to role playing as a comic book character for the past few weeks: (linking because I am very proud of what I do)   It has rekindled my desire to want to read comics again. Which is a very good thing. God I love my love of super heroes.